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Top Sex Stories Sites gathers all these stories sites that will make you wet your pants in no time. It might sound a bit old style, with all the super modern adult sites we have nowadays, that even bring VR porn to our screens, but this is exactly why these erotic stories are now more charming than ever. An erotic story is really powerful in get you extremely horny and bothered, sometimes even more than images and if you don’t believe me, come over to check the Best Porn Sites list of the best sex stories sites.

We are talking about literature for adults who are perhaps a bit sick of the same porn videos over and over again, with the same boring plot or no plot at all. Women, especially, need a lot of imagination to get fully aroused and achieve a mind-blowing orgasm, and that is exactly what these stories are for. The story submissions can be made by professional writers or by amateurs. In ancient times, when these stories were the only porn contents people had, the main topics were prostitution, orgies, gay stories and a big number of fetishes. These stories are sometimes fictional or taken from real life. We provided you with different sites that feature diverse content, so that you will certainly find something that suits you.

The portals on this list are free, but have high quality erotic stories. You can search a topic by typing a keyword in the search bar, otherwise you can just randomly read about all sort of subjects, from a horny husband cheating on his wife with her best friend, sexy college stories, unexperienced chicks telling you all about their experience, swinger parties, crazy orgies told in detail, trips to South East Asia that turn into a whore-hunt, weird threesomes, dodgy massages and so much more.

On one of our top sex stories site, ASexStories, you can read the stories free of charge. For every story, you can see the ratings, the reviews, and the theme. The title and the first line of the story will be enough for you to understand if that story is something that might interest you or not. On the right side of the page, you’ll have the search bar to enter the keywords of your favorite themes and, just under that, you’ll see all the different erotic stories’ categories. On this site you’ll get Asian stories, ghost stories, bdsm and other fetishes, romance cuckold, female masturbation, Xmas stories and much more.

On another site, APornStories you will be able to savor erotic fiction, poetry about sex, you’ll be able to read sex advice, adult tales and many other juicy topics. You will also be able to submit your very own story! Visit this awesome portal of sexy stories and start enjoying yourself like you deserve. On a website like Stories On Line, instead, you’ll get the chance to get an overview of the whole site without having to register upfront. There are a lot of sexy stories, author blogs, feeds, forums, contests and reviews. This is really a portal for passionate readers of these kind of stories. You can sort the content alphabetically, by author, by category or you can also avail of the advanced search tools. There are more than 40,000 stories available for you to read and you can even submit your own story here too!

On most of these sites, as mentioned above, you can even submit your own story! Who knows, you might unearth a great talent of yours and become a famous writer! Imaging all those girls who will be masturbating reading your story. I recommend you also find some time to check the sex advice section of these sites, because it’s really interesting and also useful to read about other people’s sexual life.

So, visit the list of top sex stories porn sites here on Best Porn Sites and start increasing your literary culture and sexual satisfaction all together.